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FloodMasters has built one of the country’s premier HVAC hygiene and restoration services. Our project managers have over 15 years experience and are specially trained and certified in HVAC Restoration Techniques.
Remediate Contaminated HVAC System Components HEPA-Vac HVAC System Components
Disinfect HVAC System Components

Mechanically Clean the HVAC System Components

  • Pressure Wash Evaporator and Heating Coils
  • Drain Pan Cleaning and Repair
  • Pressure Wash Fan Assembly

Air Duct Cleaning

  • Source Removal Method
  • Mechanically Clean Interior Ductwork
  • Apply Antimicrobial Coatings

Remove/Replace Damaged HVAC System Insulation

  • Closed Cell Insulation Applications
  • Antimicrobial Coatings Application

Service and/or Repair HVAC System Components

  • Test Fan Motor Assembly
  • Filtration Change / Upgrades
  • Distribution System Air Balancing
  • Remove and replace HVAC System Components  that cannot be effectively cleaned and disinfected 

Ensure Proper HVAC System Operation

  • Thoroughly Evaluate HVAC System Performance Maintain the interior temperature and relative humidity to conform with the ranges recommended in ASHRAE Standard 55-2004, Thermal Environmental Conditions for Human Occupancy
HVAC Systems are excellent breeding grounds for harmful airborne contaminants to gather and spread throughout a building. When HVAC Systems are contaminated with dust, mold, construction debris, bacteria or insulation fibers, the indoor air quality of the facility suffers. This puts patients at higher risk in healthcare facilities and damages employee productivity for businesses. When the contaminants are combined with varying temperatures, humidity levels, and airflow in the HVAC System, the indoor air environment can dramatically suffer. Not only are there additional health risks with a dirty HVAC System, but the system’s operating and efficiency standards are impaired resulting in higher operating cost for the facility.

We are the Restoration
Contractor’s #1 Resource

The restoration contractor’s number one priority after a disaster is to get the customer back in business as quick as possible. If you handle “large loss” claims you need AAA Flood Masters on your team. We are Class A HVAC Licensed as well as Mold Remediation Licensed. This combination enables us to provide a unique resource for Restoration Contractors. AAA Flood Masters reputation of ethics and efficiency is built upon technical skill and the latest in equipment technology. We have the personnel, equipment and expertise to help you get your customer’s facility back into operation as soon as possible. We have proven ourselves time and again in schools, universities, hospitals, office buildings, high rises, manufacturing plants, and refineries.

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