ďTriple A Flood Masters played valuable roles in the restoration process of many of our healthcare facilities.  Altus Health has one call when disasters hit.  Triple A Flood Masters responds with in hours.  We have called them out for floods, weather damage, water pipes busting, and most recent an out of control truck driving through our front lobby.  Triple A understands the knowledge to restore a healthcare facility back to the codes that patients expect.  Not only will they restore the facility, but handles the insurance portion from start to finish. Triple A Flood Masters relives the stress in the stressful moments of a disaster.Ē

Garrett Syphrett, MBA
Assistant Vice President
Λ  L  T  U  S ô Health
137 North L.H.S. Drive
Lumberton, Texas 77657


I have called on the expertise of AAA Floodmasters several times over my assignments in ministry. Ever time, the value of saved time, money and emotional trauma has been a relief for my congregations and me.  This company is truly consummate professionals and will always take what looks like a disaster and turn it into a huge blessing. Whether it is water, wind, fire or storms, these folks should be on your speed dial! They are on mine! They will bring decades of experience in restoration and repair in a trustworthy, integrous and pleasant method. I will not call anyone else, they are the best!

Pastors Jerry and Sharon Parsons
Senior Pastor
Covenant Life Church

10 Reasons for Using Floodmasters, LLC.

1. Has extensive knowledge working with insurances companies
2. Has extensive knowledge working with Flood, Wind, Mold Remediation and water contamination.
3. Response to emergencies immediately.
4. Has available Equipment.
5. Knows the complete process and procedure or restoration.
6. Showed preferential treatment to our Church when other contractors and equipment were not available after Hurricane.
7. Absorbed deductible-our Church did not have to pay $$$.
8. Specializes in Churches, Banks, Credit Unions and Health Clinics.
9. All of their work is extensively documented with Humidity Logs, Dates, Room Numbers, Photos and Estimates by square foot, Etc.
10. AAA FloodMasters has sophisticated X-Ray Technology Machines for locating damage.


The Apostolic Church of Beaumont

Rogina, Inc
P.O. Box 5888
Lakeland, Florida 33807

We here at Rogina, Inc. have had the opportunity and privilege to work for and along side AAA Flood Masters. Many of our joint projects have been during times of challenge and great crisis to the individuals and communities affected. As indoor environmental consultants it is necessary for Rogina, Inc. to be only affiliated with most informed and precise indoor air quality and restoration companies in the indoor environment industry. It is our opinion at Rogina, Inc that AAA Flood Masters Inc. is one of the best, if not the best in the world. It has been our experience while working with AAA Flood Master that they have consistently performed demanding duties in an exemplary and highly professional manner. They displayed exceptional leadership and resourcefulness while flawlessly completing multiple projects with extraordinary expertise. The diligence of AAA Flood Master caused significant contributions to many projects affecting peopleís homes, livelihoods, places of employment, and worship. AAA Flood Masterís exceptional professionalism, initiative and loyal dedication throughout these projects reflects great credit upon themselves and the high standards in the industry they have branded.



If you have any questions or wish additional information please contact Rogina, Inc. toll free 866-776-4462 or by facsimile 863-425-1683. Telephone lines are monitored continuously 24/7.


Robert L. Scarry, MS, Ph.D., HCLD (ABB), RPIH, CIAQP, CIAQC, CIEC, President/CEO

       Work Testimonial

       Zion Hill Baptist Church

       5848 Roosevelt Avenue

       Port Arthur, Texas 77640


To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this correspondence as a testament on behalf of the Congregation of Zion Hill to the Quality of Work and Assistance provided by FloodMasters, and their representative Jimmy Knox, after Hurricane Rita devastated our Sanctuary and Educational Building. Our interaction with the Insurance Carrier had not resulted in a positive outcome for the church and we were becoming anxious about how to proceed. When we were introduced to the flood masters crew, negotiations became positive, and we have since fully restored both facilities. Working with flood masters has allowed us to completely remodel and update those facilities increasing their lifespan and appearance. I would encourage anyone anticipating a project to consider their services during the planning stages of your project.

Please do not hesitate to call if you would like more information.



Bro. Allan Ray Thomas Sr.


Zion Hill Baptist Church

5848 Roosevelt Avenue

Port Arthur, Texas 77640


Flood Masters completed over a million dollars of storm repair for our church in record time and with minimal frustrations.  They relieved us of the burden of negotiating with the insurance companies, engineers, subcontractors, and city inspectors.  What could have been a set back for our church became a real advance.  We are very pleased with their services and recommend them to homeowners, churches, and businesses both large and small.


Bishop Randy Clark

Triumph Church

Bridge City Bank

Po Box 887

Bridge City, TX 77611


This testimony is given on behalf of AAA Flood Masters, LLC owned and operated by Henry LaBrie.  Mr. LaBrie is an existing customer of our bank and was on the scene the morning after our facility was heavily damaged by Hurricane Rita in September of 2005.  Mr. LaBrie was hired immediately as general contractor and from that day forward I could focus on banking.  Mr. LaBrie not only brought his experience in construction, but interceded in dealing with our insurance coverage.


When all was said and done, we were very pleased with our construction results; but even more impressed that there were no situations or confrontations on unpaid invoices.  Mr. LaBrie dealt directly with our adjuster and restored our bank without issues.


I highly recommend Mr. La Brie from a standpoint of integrity and job performance.




Jerry Davidson


David E. Willey, D.M.D.


July 10, 2006


Flood Masters provided outstanding service during our stressful and frustrating experiences with three hurricanes.  Henry LaBrie and his company evaluated our situation, explained in detail the procedures necessary to rectify the problems, documented with photos and narratives the damage/repairs, performed the repairs in a timely manner, and actively pursued the insurance claim on our behalf.


With a busy dental practice, it is imperative that our downtime was kept to a minimum.  Flood Masters went beyond the call of duty to insure that we remained open during our extensive repairs by working through the nights and weekends.  Without Flood Masters, I would have experienced extensive downtime, stress in dealing with the insurance adjustor, and delays in solving our damage problems.  I was able to focus on my practice while Flood Masters solved the insurance and damage stress.


I can highly recommend Flood Masters for hurricane and water damage.


David E Willey, D.M.D.


201 N Franklin St, Ste 2200

Tampa, FL 33602 


When the State of Florida was cris-crossed with hurricanes in 2004, and again in 2006, Henry LaBrie came to the aid of many homes, businesses, and churches throughout Florida to give them the support they needed.  In Texas, in Louisiana, and in Florida, Henry LaBrie has been willing to put his business on the line to help those overcome by everything from natural disasters to mold remediation subcontracting work.  No one knows what the coming hurricane season holds for the State of Florida.  But everyone knows that Henry LaBrie and his teams of skilled workers will be the first crews on the job in the event of any emergency, just as they are the first to your doorstep when any other construction, water damage, or similar problem arises.


Integrity, skill, speed, and responsiveness.  Thatís Henry LaBrie.

Memorial Baptist Church


Don Chapman


FloodMasters, LLC handled our Church remediation and rebuild efficiently and in an honorable way.  I have the utmost confidence in our Project Managerís abilities to get the job completed.  He by far exceeded our expectations


FloodMasters dealt with our Insurance Company which in turn gave us the opportunity to deal with our daily work at hand.


We are so very pleased with the work that was done.  I would not hesitate to use FloodMasters or recommend them again in the future if the need arose.


Don Chapman

The Sanctuary Church of God

107 North Florida Avenue

Avon Park, FL 33825

(863) 453-4831



Who would you call after the storm?  We know, do you?  We would call, and we did call, Mold, Flood, and Water.  The results were amazing, the response was quick, and the care was immediate.


All nine buildings on our campus received major damage during the 44 days of storms in Florida in 2004.  We had displaced families and much of our ministry had to shut down.


Then Henry LaBrie arrived and things began to happen.  His crew worked with us daily, sometimes around the clock, to get the job done.  I highly recommend Mold, Flood, and Water.  So the next time I know my first call will be to Henry LaBrie and Mold, Flood, and Water.  It should be your first call too!


Ron Zimmer



To Whom It May Concern

The main buildings of the United Pentecostal Church of Bridge City were devastated by Hurricane Rita anti a tornado in September 2005.


Flood Masters with Henry LaBrie handled the insurance claim

and the reconstruction. Their professional expertise was invaluable during the ensuing year and two months.

After demo-ing the buildings all the way to the studs, we now basically have new facilities. Our appreciation of Flood Masters extensive.

Their handling of the insurance claim was exemplary.

We would recommend Flood Masters to all!


Rev. J. W. Harrell, Pastor

Sam Walter Foss
public domain 1899


There are hermit souls, who live withdrawn in the peace of their self content

There are souls like stars, who live apart in a fellow less firmament, There are pioneer souls, who blaze their paths where highways never ran,

Just let me live in a house by the side of the road and be a friend to man.

Just let me live in a house by the side of the road, where the race of men go by,

There are men, who are good; there are men, who are bad; as good and as good and as bad as I.

I would not sit in the scorner's seat, nor hurl the cynic's ban Ö

Just let me live in a house by the side of the road and be a friend to man.